Research suggests that massage therapy can provide below benefits:

1) Remedial Massage

Different than relaxation massage, remedial massage is a treatment therapy combines assessment and treatment of injury and musculoskeletal conditions.

Maple Massage & Beauty’s massage therapists are qualified remedial therapists who are professionally trained to perform professional remedial treatments. By assessing your body via special techniques, our therapists will then design and perform a proper treatment on you according to your situation.

2) Relaxation – Reduce stress and anxiety

Your body has to face different situations and challenges every day, and it needs extra level of cortisol in order to restrain your immune system and increase your blood sugar level to keep your body ready for action. Keeping cortisol at high level can make you stress and anxiety, and possibly lead to digestive problems, insomnia and headache. Here is where relaxation and remedial massage comes in.

To help reducing your stress and anxiety, Maple Massage & Beauty offers a quiet and comfortable environment as well as professional massage techniques. In our clinic soft music is always available to keep you relax while our professional massage therapist is performing relaxation massage techniques on your body with light to medium pressure to help you recharge, unlock stress and achieve a peaceful state of mind.

With the soft touches and slow rhythm consistent movements your heart and breathe rate will be slowed down, blood pressure will be lowered and cortisol level will be decreased, which as a result will lead to a greater feeling of calm and relaxation.

3) Relieve muscle and joint pain

Most people must have experienced some kind of muscle or joint pains which could be caused by different factors, for example keeping a posture too long, lifting heavy object with improper techniques or over exercising.

Here is where massage comes in, a good massage can help releasing trigger points, increasing and improving circulation, stretching the muscle to restore back to healthy state, not to mention releasing tension muscles around joints, which could help increasing the range of joint movement.

4) Improve sleep quality

Having massage regularly can definitely improve sleep quality when our bodies have time to unwind and relax due to the release of pain, stress, tension and lessen of anxiety. It’s worth a shot especially to people who can’t comfortably rest or suffer from sleep disorder.

5) Boost immune system

Whether you need remedial treatment or relaxation massage, you would eventually achieve the result of decrease in stress hormones which boosts the efficiency of your immune system.

Need to relief pain or tight from your muscle?
Want to reduce your stress?
Need Remedial Massage?
Need some restful sleep?
Or just simply want some relaxation?
Massage therapy is one of the best method to contribute all these goals!
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2 thoughts on “Benefits Of Massage”

  1. Yes massages have GREAT benefits! Why do people wait till they are in pain befire they get one ? It should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle to keep healthy and be happy and stress free!

    1. Well said, by the time when you start feeling pain, your muscles might already be too tight and might have got some knots there and might require more massage to fix it.

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